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Discover top furniture brands with LivDao. Every piece is inspected, cleaned, and ready for delivery.

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Purchase with secure checkout. Select a delivery method and date. LivDao will get in touch to confirm your availability and email an appointment window 2 days before delivery.

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End of lease options, choose your own adventure.


Renew any or all items in your lease and continue paying monthly.


Pay the remaining retail value to keep pieces you love. All payments to date are applied.


Trade items in for a discount on something else, or simply return them for good.

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Here’s why we’re different.


It is free and easy to submit your ready-to-sell furniture. Our team will review and confirm your submission within 2 business days. LivDao focuses on providing sustainable second-hand experience, so we are selective about what we accept.


We will communicate with you to determine the pick-up date and timeslot. Then the LivDao logistic team comes to remove your furniture. It's FREE, and your items will be gone before your lease ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

LivDao is an online marketplace for pre-owned furniture. We are committed to an easy in and out, cheaper solution and to foster a sustainable community.
We believe that furniture is just like knowledge, a legacy that you can pass on to others and let others benefit from it. Sellers don’t have to worry about dealing with strangers, rental cars, stairs, or any other hassles you can think of. LivDao does all of the heavy lifting, from pickup to delivery. When your furniture sells, you get paid. Buyers can save much from buying furniture on LivDao. Every item is professionally cleaned and delivered to your home by our logistic team.
LivDao provides pickup and delivery to the greater New York area. Pickup of approved items for our sellers & donors is free within our service area and we offer two delivery options to our buyers. Please refer to Delivery Options in the buying section.
LivDao accepts majority of credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.
LivDao accepts majority of credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.